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Redken's Color Fusion and Matrix's Color Graphics are my winning team for the most beautiful hair color results around!  From the most resistant gray hair coverage, too featuring Devine high lift color depositing browns, reds and blondes.  Stunning and ultra-glam high fashion shades, and highlights to dye for.  You'll be in great hands with my team and I.

When it comes to curl I also have the best solutions from Iso to create, damage - free, whatever texture your imagination can conceive.  Straightening hair is also one of my specialties!

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I can give you the look you want with Redken Color Science.  Redken offers products that will deliver vibrant, shiny results.  As your stylist I will examine the condition of your hair and create a custom formulation using Redken products that are appropriate for you.  With advanced application techniques, I will help you get amazing salon color.

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